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Integrated Play focuses on life off the field for former athletes, offering expert career counseling on how to move forward and succeed with your career transition. No matter the reason you’ve decided to pursue a career change, we are here to guide you every step of the way during your transition. Former players in the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, and former Olympians

How do we do this? Well, we combine 25+ years of experience with a hands-on, personal approach to help you find employment after your athletic career, achieve your professional goals and find success in this next chapter of your life.


In the course of life, including the business world, there are times when you get truly blessed by an individual. Renee Shull is one of those exceptional individuals. Her perception is keen, accurate and consistent. Her passion is genuine, focused and balanced. Her performance is positive, precise and sustainable. The results Renee brings on every level is the reason I continue to contract her for projects where her expertise is essential for our success. I recommend Renee without hesitation and with full confidence. You would do well to connect and interact with her; your increased success is waiting.
Phil H
I just read article on Renee Shull. I'm George Visger, survivor of 9 NFL caused emergency VP Shunt brain surgeries and one of the many whom Renee has helped. To say she has "helped" me is an understatement in the strongest sense. He has literally stepped in and built and manages our brain injury website,, our Traumatic Brain Injury Facebook page, coordinates all my speaking engagements, reminds me daily of calls, appointments and is an unbelievabley loyal friend. Yet we've only met face to face twice in the last 3 years we have worked together. She is one of several Angels God has sent to help me on my path. I can not say enough for what Renee has done for me and many other former professional players. Great article
George Visger
Renee is an asset to any athlete in career transition.
Tony Collins
Renee's support, loyalty, sincerity and work ethic are at a level rarely seen anymore. She is tireless in her pursuit of excellence and support for her clients and partners. We had the privilege of interviewing her on our show Thursday Night Tailgate as well as interacting with her regularly. She is a pleasure to do business with, inspiring to be around and we are constantly learning something from her. Former players and coaches should be flocking to have Integrated Play help them with the transition from the playing field and onto the next chapter in their lives.
Chris Mascaro
Director of Operations at The Network & Host of Thursday Night Tailgate
You are simply the BEST! Time after time you deliver a stellar product and you amaze me with everything you know and do. You really did a super job with all the media and changing rapidly to accommodate the changing needs of the conference. You moved MISHRM into the 21st century and set the standard for future conferences to meet!
MISHRM Conference
I can see the ways it can help people discuss problems and solutions – the tactile aspect of it can help people be less reticent to talk openly about some things.Fun. Eye-opening to ways of using LEGO bricks to think thorough complicated problems.Intuitive, imaginative, team-building...To overcome barriers becomes easier to achieve with LEGO Serious Play.
BrickWorld 2009
Finally got the opportunity to meet Renee Shull, what an awesome lady, the name of her company is Intergrated Play, which help athletes transition from sports to life after sports. She is helping me look for work and recreate my brand, I wish I would have met her sooner. She is like the energizer bunny, had a great meeting with her today, Thanks Renee for everything you have done for me, you have been a great help!
Orson Mobley
TE Denver Broncos (5 Seasons)
The presentation was not only educational, but it was very entertaining and allowed the participants to pen-up and share experiences of how motivation plays a key part in the success of documentations projects.”“Fantastic fun, intriguing, and eye-opening!”“Wonderful and creative session. Very professional management of a HUGE audience. We all had a terrific time and were introduced to a great approach to team building.”“I would highly recommend Integrated Play for any conference event! The evaluations from her presentation were extremely positive. By far she got the best comments. I would recommend Integrated Play for our next event.
All ex-athletes, give Renee a call! She’s tremendous.
Kevin Owens
Owner X and O Elite Basketball Academy
Renee was an extremely knowledgeable and forthright consultant in my search for a career in professional sports. Her resume editing, cover letter tips, and interview preparation skills were a major reason I was called in for multiple interviews. She is also very accommodating to your needs and schedule and very easy to work with. I would recommend her services to aspiring professionals at any stage in their career.
A Patel
Marketing & Sales Intern / Nelligan Sports Marketing
Renee, was a blessing helping me with my resume and assisting me during my job search. Her professionalism, quick follow up and encouragement helped me stay focused and positive. I am happy to share that I am now employed and a credit it to her.
Krissy Garrett
Renee has a way of developing people both on an individual basis and in groups. She can improve communication and interactions within a team using techniques that are easy to implement. Having worked with Renee for over 13 years I can tell you that bringing her into your team will build your greatest asset…human resources.
Paula B

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